More About Me

About Me

I am a Midwest native that appreciates all the heartland has to offer- vibrant urban centers, family oriented suburban enclaves, small towns, rolling farmland, lakes and streams, and everything in between.

I have taken a less than traditional path through life that allowed me to explore a number of careers in a variety of sectors including healthcare, construction and finance. I earned a degree in Organizational and Relational Communication as a non-traditional student. Wondering how this is relevant? Real Estate in this market takes an agent that has a diverse skill set to help achieve your real estate goals. I am the kind of agent that has the ability to work with everyone throughout the process to get you to the closing table.

My journey has given me a broad understanding of the challenges and perspectives that my clients may have. I am organized and detail oriented in addition to being a creative problem solver. Helping people solve problems and achieve their goals gives me joy, especially the goals they didn’t think they could reach.

When I’m not helping you achieve your real estate goals you can find me with my two rescue dogs Norman and Betsy, playing disc golf and biking with my husband, checking out local restaurants or working on our next remodel or yard project.

What you do:

I will listen to what YOU want.  Many people will tell you they are a great at communicating, but do they listen? More importantly, do they listen to what your goals and objectives are? I believe listening is the cornerstone to effective communication and to building solid relationships.

What you offer?

I am very organized and detail oriented in addition to being a creative problem solver by nature. My varied professional background as well as my numerous personal real estate and remodeling transactions give me personal perspective to help you find creative solutions and viewpoints to achieve your real estate goals as well as keeping track of all the moving parts of your transaction with the utmost care.

How you accomplish it?

Through trust and relationships. Connecting with you, my client.  2020 has taught us many things, and one big take away is that connections matter. We might need to find new and creative ways to connect, but I’ve got those tools at the ready. As your agent it I believe it is important to create a relationship of trust and openness. Real estate has many moving parts and it is necessary to have a level of trust to work effectively together. We can’t all be experts at everything, I believe that building relationships with experts in our field as well as in our communities provides us with the resources we might need to help us solve the problems we can’t solve on our own.

How it benefits your buyers and sellers?

My resources and strengths, as well as those of my brokerage become your resources and strengths.  Together, we can achieve your real estate goals.